Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 20. Day 325. Long Day's Journey Into Night

 I don't know what's worse. The long journey to your destination. On that leg at least you are fresh and powered by adrenalin. On the return journey the fun is behind you but the desire to be home to your family, your friends and your bed (and of course the dogs) is overwhelming. In both cases you just want the flying business over with so the holding pattern ends and the real business can begin. Any journey from the States to Australia is a serious commitment. Mine, this time around, is 14 hours to Korea and another nine plus home. And I boarded the flight already pretty buggered after what has been a really wild ride. And the week ahead looks pretty full on with unit reports, meeting and an examiner's meeting before working on a conference paper for the end of next week. When I put it like that, I'm tempted to get on another plane right back out of here. If it wasn't for my family, my friends, my bed and my dogs waiting for me, I may well have done just that.

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