Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 10. Day 315. Flights of fancy

I shall cast my mind back to half a life time ago to my first solo long haul trip. I was heading to London to live for a couple of years and pretty darn excited about the prospect. But it wasn't only the destination that interested me. I actually loved very single thing about the journey. Then there was this other trip to New York, also in my 20s, when a girl I met in London and I drank cocktails from Heathrow to JFK. That was memorable too. These days, like any adult human, I consider cattle class travel to be something that would warrant an RSPCA investigation if forced upon other species. It is hideous. But no pain. No gain. If you want to enjoy far off destinations and you don't own a private jet or celebrity bank balance, economy class it is. On the upside there was a vacant seat beside me from Brisbane to Korea and a warm shower and fresh white sheets in the airport hotel for an overnight stay. Then onwards and upwards to Washington DC.

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