Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 13. Day 318. Keeping the flame alight

According to the commentary on the Washington DC tourist bus I caught today, the eternal flame on JF Kennedy's grave at Arlington National Cemetery has been extinguished only twice - once during a hurricane and one when an over zealous group of Catholic school girls doused it in holy water. I can not verify this (because I have not tried) because in this instance I prefer the old journalistic adage: never let truth get in the way of a good story. Now the truth is that my "profession" has not been journalist for some years but you can not take the journalist out of the girl that easily. I can be waiting for the tour bus and the noise of a procession breaks the normal city buzz. Ears and camera point in the direction of the commotion. See protesters with signs outside Trump Towers, camera snaps in a reflex action. So tonight I was in my element. Tonight I met many of the group who will be my buddies on this media innovations tour of Washington and New York. There are 13 in all and I win the prize for having travelled the furthest to be here. As well as the US-based journalists, there is a woman from the national broadcaster in Denmark, a bloke from South Africa and a journo from Mexico. Tonight's cocktail hour followed by dinner set the scene for what promises to be five most entertaining, illuminating and educational days. Quite frankly, I can not wait. The eternal flames of my journalistic soul are burning bright. Note to self. Stay well clear of any group of Catholic school girls carrying holy water.

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