Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14. Day 319. Brave new world

 I was given The White House today. Sure this White House is probably crappier than any model I could have bought from a souvenir stand. What made this White House special was not only that it was a gift, not only that it was a 3D printed model but it was a left over from a Washington Post journalism initiative. On election night, people on the Washington Post website could watch 3D printers create a model White House as each of the 270 votes needed to gain power was secured. There was a red White House (Trump) and a blue one (Clinton) growing before our eyes. It is, indeed, an exciting time to be a journalist even if somewhat insecure. My head is exploding from things I have learned already about where journalism is heading. My heart is exploding from being able to sit in a Washington Post afternoon news conference and watch the editors debate tomorrow's front page and from being in the actual Watergate building. There is so much history and tradition in the places we visited today but it's their future not their past that is so fascinating - that and their willingness to share both their expertise and time. It's a brave new world out there.

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