Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28. Day 333. Open house.

See that kookaburra photo? It's not so unlike many others I have taken at my neighbour Margaret's house before except for one key thing - I was outside looking in and the bird was inside looking out. It's pretty much an open door policy at her place, as long as you have feathers or fur. With people she is far more cautious and that's probably fair enough. Animals are often more honest about what they want with you. My pair make it quite clear. They will take treats or tummy tickles, preferably both. People can be far more devious and manipulative.  As a reader of tabloid newspapers and a consumer of commercial TV news, Margaret is not exactly paranoid but has a healthy eye open for those whose intentions might not be honorable. You'd have to work reasonably hard to pull the wool over her eyes. Still I was a little surprised at the latest development. This one came not from her diet of news but her other favourite media Bold and the Beautiful. As I never watch the program the details escape me but someone was in a coma. He hadn't updated his enduring power of attorney and an old partner was busily cleaning him out. Margaret's not worried about that but she thinks as the person who spends the most time with her these days, I would be the best placed to know what she wants and she trusts me. It's an honour and a responsibility. I rather wonder if the dogs would get it if they could sign ...

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