Friday, November 18, 2016

November 18. Day 323. Kid in the candy store

This week I am the kid in the candy store - and not just any kid. This kid is the daughter of a dentist so never got near any of the sweet stuff so now it's all there she's binging. So right now I'm in a sugar coma. I mean I am wide-eyed with excitement just because it's New York and I'm staying in the theatre district right by Broadway. But those doors are open to everybody (with the wallet to support it). It's the behind closed doors look at some of the world's great media brands and the chance to pick the brains of the movers and shakers of my chosen industry that is just beyond a great big sugar hit. Today the tour hit The World Street Journal (who wouldn't want a Trump vs Clinton pinball machine in your front office?). After than it was on to City University of New York's School of Graduate Journalism which is, of course, totally aligned with my day job these days. And then Times Square and the half price ticket booth snapping myself a ticket to The Falsettos tonight. Because New York is such a small and unpopulated place (!), I ran into my course colleage Leo from the Al Jazeera affiliate AJ+ and we had dinner at an Italian place. More carbs. More company more good times. I'm going to need a great big detox when I get home. It will be so worth it.

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