Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22. Day 327. Often licked, never beaten

 One of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies is the Heathrow arrivals hall opening moment of Love Actually. There is nothing like a concourse reunion to bring out the best in people. Nothing warms the heart and soul after the misery of a long haul flight quite like seeing your loved ones at the airport. Of course two of my immediate family members are not allowed in an airport because they have no ability to sniff out drugs or explosives (if there was a black market in smuggling Schmackos they would be totally on staff). So our reunion took place  in the Brisbane airport two minute pick up zone. And what a reunion it was. There were hugs and kisses from the humans. Both dogs cried. Both sat on my lap on the journey home. Winkle licked me without stopping (this may have just been a reflection of how bad I smelled after an eternity in transit). And neither let me out of their sight and just to make sure Winkle slept on my backpack. While away it's easy and cheap to make video calls home - to the humans. We spoke twice a day. Dogs are better at the non verbals and virtual reality does not extend to mimicking the warm lick of a dog. It's nice to know they missed me as much as I missed them - and nothing helps clear the cobwebs like a walk with the dogs.

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