Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 26. Day 331. Santa Paws

Every parent has a story of their child behaving badly with Santa. Here's mine. I was lying in bed first thing this morning when I saw on my Instagram account that they were taking Santa photos at the local pet shop. But bookings closed ages ago. So I rang and they said I could come along but come early. So I pulled on their new Santa suits just brought home from New York and off we went. The line was only one dog deep. I was watching Santa wrangle that dog when it was pointed out to me that both my dogs were weeing on the floor. Big fat wees. Big fat yellow puddles on the floor. Wees of dogs who clearly had not been out the doggy door. Wees of dogs really excited by all the smells. With that over, it was our turn with Santa. And the dogs were perfect at least Santa didn't mention any wee and they were given presents so they have obviously been nice not naughty.

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