Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 17. Day 322. On a mission

I am a woman on a mission, inspired with missionary zeal. Perhaps this is because I saw The Book of Mormon tonight although I have no desire to tell anyone to do unspeakable things to frogs***. I do, however, have an evangelical desire to tell everyone in Australia to see it. Hot word is that it is coming to Brisbane.
I also have crusading desire to tell everyone about Chartbeat. The real time analytics that can show you who is reading a story, for how long and at which exact point they lose interest will blow your mind. Impressive. And it's a dog friendly workplace. At least four or five pooches were roaming around or curled at owner's feet. Really impressive. Come on Australia. We have so much to learn. But honestly this is all the sideshow. What I can't wait to thump the pulpit about is the future of journalism. There is so much to tell from 360 video - a gateway drug to the world of Virtual Reality - the new collaborations, the growing importance of events he new approach to headlines, and on-demand audio and podcasts and augmented reality. and native advertising. Yes I knew about these things in part before I boarded the plane here but the nuance and the detail is fascinating and incredibly exciting. My head is spinning but the message is that journalism is not dying. Journalism is being reborn and it is exciting. The challenges are still there but the faith is in the solutions. We live in interesting times. Here endeth the lesson.
****Doing unspeakable things to frogs will not cure AIDS. The Book of Mormon tells you so (the musical. I don't think the matter was addressed in the religious text.

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