Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1. Day 275. Truth or dare

Depending on which school of thought you follow, the truth either hurts or sets you free. I don't like pain so I'll go with option B even though I suspect it's probably a bit of column A and bit of column B and a whole lot of column C. Anyway today I posed a question to those who follow me on social media. "True or False: I just bought Winkle a princess dress". It is a fact that 100% of those who replied thought this to be true. It may also be true that the vastly larger number of followers who said nothing may have considered this to be outrageously false. Who would buy a dog a dress, princess or otherwise? Well as it turns out, I would. It was true and I don't care who knows it. It's my $5 and if I want to invest it in doggy dress ups I will. Further, I refuse to be swayed by the notion that this is gender stereotyping and sexist.  She's a bitch. She's a bitch who also owns a Superman costume. The family dog owns a Wonderwoman outfit. It's a bit of fun. It's not a political statement. It's a purchase decision based on size and colour, much like how I select tomatoes. That's not political either. I was at the Rocklea markets. There was only one dog costume. It was small and pink and would only fit one of my two pets. It could equally well have been a dragon fly or a ninja warrior and I would still have bought it. That's the truth. It hurts that people would think otherwise.

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