Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25. Day 299. Uninvited guests

Whenever possible I work from home, a situation easily accommodated due to the fact that shiny devices with an Apple on the front are my office for a fair percentage of my duties. Where the fruit computer or fruit phone are, is where the work is. Home has less interruptions, is quieter and has the advantage of a stocked fridge and dogs. My proper office is a concrete box which looks out on a tutorial room. My home office looks over the pool and the trees. Of course even at home there can be uninvited interruptions. Today it was a a noisy miner who decided to repeatedly dive into the pool. This wouldn't have been such an issue if it didn't send the dogs into a tailspin. There is also the fact that people often confuse being at home with not being at work seemingly assuming I get paid to sit at home and file my nails or run errands for the neighbours. But it's a small price to pay for flexibility and comfort, the company of dogs and not having to pay for smashed avocado on toast.

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