Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 16. Day 290. Minions

I want a minion, in the more traditional sense of the word. A minion used to mean a follower or underling, servile and unimportant to do the rather unpleasant things you don't want to - presumably like marking and housework. But then it evolved, in the way words do, and it now means a yes-man, a nameless faceless servant. As I have zero desire to be a political operative or backbencher , the whole minion thing is apparently out. Boo hoo to that. I'll just have to rely on my dogs for the whole unquestioning loyal servant thing. They might not have the obedience thing exactly sorted but for loyalty and devotion you can't match a dog. Of course in more recent times minions have been hijacked by Universal Pictures and everyone can own a minion provided they were content for it to be plush or on Blu-Ray. Again Boo Hoo to that. Anyway, today I met a minion as I walked through the Convention Centre Car Park of all places. At the time he was sitting on the steps taking a break from minion duties (is that actually allowed?). Anyway through an interpreter (no really) I found out that he was promoting a Chinese investment company. As there was a distinct language barrier between us - and the promotional material they gave me was in Chinese - I am presuming it was all about getting your money to work for you or something. Perhaps so but I tell you what dressing in that suit in the Brisbane Spring is totally the job for someone willing to serve with unquestioning devotion to cause or cash or perhaps both.

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