Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12. Day 286. On a wing and a prayer

Check out the little one photo bombing in the background

 Weird our a negative can turn into a positive. I wasn't meant to be in the City Botanic Gardens today but a couple of less than ideal situation forced a change of plan not once but twice. First a text from the passport office saying my passport photo had been rejected. I admit that photo made me look like I was far too sick to travel but that wasn't it. The photo, approved by the post office processor, apparently had a shadow and needed to be retaken. I could drop it off in the city if I like. Right, I'll go after a trip to campus for a meeting and to return a library book. But having the photo retaken took longer than expected and I was running a couple of minutes late for the meeting. I called to explain only to learn I wouldn't be late as the meeting is next week .... Excellent. So straight to the city then. Having bypassed my campus I changed the plan and decided to return the library book to the Gardens Point campus library. That took me through the gardens where Spring has indeed sprung. There was new life everywhere. And the biggest surprise? Ibis chicks are exceptionally cute. Who would have thought? All in all, it's enough to turn a frown upside down.

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