Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24. Day 298. One swallow doesn't a summer make

One swallow doesn't make a summer. Nor, so it seems, do two. This pair of Welcome Swallows at Roma Street Parkland today were pretty as a picture and, as their name suggests, perfectly welcoming. They warmth extended to me despite the fact that I was in the company of two fur friends. But while they may have been warm the weather has not yet reached that uncomfortable sticky level that one might expect by the final third of October. It is, in fact, deliciously moderate and at night often cool.
Please note this is NOT a complaint just an observation. By now I might otherwise be amassing an air conditioining bill the equivalent of the gross national product of some third world nations. I might even have given a passing thought to eating a salad for dinner. Fortunately those heat-induced moments of insanity generally pass quickly. But right now the only heat I'm feeling is that generated by the looking deadline of all marking. Unfortunately a cold shower or cranked up air conditioning is no match for that.

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