Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31. Day 305. Trick or treat

My next door neighbour knocked on my front door late this afternoon. She was apologetic. She hadn't organsised anything and her young son wanted to go trick or treating. Could they come knocking? Now she probably expected me to be unprepared but had she looked at the dogs at my feet she would have noticed they were wearing skeleton outfits. I had chocolates in the bowl waiting and I'd pulled on my giant pumpkin outfit by the time they both returned. Yes, I do have one of those actually. Of course many people bemoan the fact that Halloween is an American thing which has no place in Australia. Bah Humbug to that. If we were pushing aside one of hour own traditions to make way for a bit of trick or treating I'd be concerned. But we are not. We are just adding another excuse for a bit of fun to our own calendar so what on earth could be so wrong with that? Nothing people, nothing. Besides I like dressing up my dogs and people take much more kindly to that when there's an "excuse". Then it's cute not weird. The only downside is I hadn't actually planned on seeing any trick or treaters today. I'd hoped I'd get away with eating the stash myself. Seems the trick was on me after all.

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