Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 22. Day 296. Oh was a bee-uatiful morning

 There's a sting in this tale and it has nothing to do with be bees. It's a tale of rights versus responsibilities. Actions and consequences. Specifically it's about a Saturday morning stroll along Kedron Brook with dogs. See I know this is an action we enjoy. I also know the consequence of such an action is wet smelly dogs covered in prickles and cobblers pegs. I also know that I have a right to let the dogs off leash and they have a right to run off into the bushes. I can stand around photographing the bees while they frolic and frolic they did. It's my right. We were all lost in our happy place (even the bees I suspect because they seemed to be amply rewarded in nectar). But then came the responsible pet owner bit. Rumple emerged with spiky sticks buried in his tail and back legs. He demonstrated his discomfort by staging a sit down strike and simply refusing to move. No dog is better at the walk refusal than Rumple. I had to carry him out on my shoulder removing the offending objects as we went. Winkle just looked like she'd been rolled in cocoa and them sprinkled with cobblers pegs. She was something like a canine lamington. Fortunately as a responsible dog owner I happened to know that the entrance to the run free zone was right next to the vet and Saturday morning hydrobaths. A small investment of $5 per dog was all it took to wash out at least the superficial stuff.  I tried to explain to Winkle that the bath was a consequence of the act of going off road. She was having none of it. I caught her as she jumped out over the top. The girl washing the dogs said some of the little dogs looked like they could jump out. Winkle showed her at least one dog could go the distance. But I  think it's all for show. She'd do it all again tomorrow given half the chance. But the hydrobath lady is only there on Saturdays. By then the last of the cobblers pegs might have been hunted down and removed.

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