Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6. Day 280. Don't bite the hand that feeds you

With some parents it's the use of your full or proper name. With my Mum it's the phrase "I've got a bone to pick with you". You know you are in trouble. She used it today. Fortunately I wasn't in the firing line. The culprits were our long time family neighbours John and Clare. Their "crime" is their bird feeding, specifically the magpies. Two magpies have become very accustomed to being hand fed mince. As such they believe humans are a reliable and accessible source of food. Now, if John and Clare aren't home, they pop round to Mum's deck and ask for a feed. Mum has a Hitchcock-like fear of birds and does not appreciate the maggies joining her when she's trying to have a sandwich for lunch on the privacy of her deck. My dogs, however, think the bird feeding is most awesome. They love a run around the back yard chasing the birds who drop round for a snack. But I now have a bone to pick with John and Clare. Both dogs have ears full of cobblers pegs. I mean, seriously, how irresponsible not ensuring your full yard is free of weeds just in case a couple of dogs should pop around for a romp and to chase away your birds. Perhaps the solution is to lend my dogs to my mum during the day. That will ensure the birds stay away. She'll have no more peace eating lunch but at least the disturbance will be canine not avian.

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