Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2. Day 276. Avagoodweekend

Anyone who grew up in Australia around the same era as I did will have fond memories of Max Walker, who died last week. He was a cricketing legend and a character when that was celebrated instead of being social media fodder. But even those poor tragics who didn't follow cricket would still know Mr Walker and forever associate him with insect repellent. Avagoodweekend was one of those advertising catch phrases that crossed over to popular lingo and stayed there. It's a phrase I would have been well advised to take heed of today. I took the dogs for a most pleasant weekend stroll along Kedron Brook - well it would have been most pleasant if not for the mozzies. I'm pretty sure I've come home with Malaria, Ross River and most likely Zika even though I'm well aware that the local mosquitoes are not carriers. With the numbers of the little buggers around, some were bound to be illegal immigrants. Not that the dogs seemed to care. They went about their off leash business with gay abandon leaving me to be carried away by the biters. The football finals tonight mark the official start of the cricket season so in honour of you Mr Walker from now on I shall remember the Aerogard.

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