Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 4. Day 278. Between a rock and a hard place

I am so excited about my impending trip to the US. Any such trip would be totally awesome but heading to the US just days after an election just ups the excitement meter. The election is on Tuesday and I'll hit Washington on Friday. Cool huh? But this excitement comes at a cost, literally. The cost of accommodation in Washington that week is at a significant premium. Woe is me (not). I shall not let a small matter of $$$ even Australian $$$ dampen my enthusiasm. Not even close. The costs of accommodation during the course is covered by my employer. The rest is an investment in me, now that's worth investing in, right? And of course there will be an investment in the US theatre scene, only right and proper. But first there's time to invest in getting the pesky marking out of the way and quality dog bonding time. Yep, woe is me.

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