Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10. Day 284. Flying high

I may or may not have taken an unofficial long weekend (I did).
Well sort of. I stayed an extra night at the beach but I had my laptop which is my office and I worked. It was the work day you have when you are not having a work day. It is also the mental health day I needed. There is work "stuff" I needed headspace to deal with and the beach with my dogs is the best way I know of dealing with it. And so it was. It worked a treat. The thing hasn't disappeared but a bit of fresh air and sunshine and the joy of watching my dogs romp on the sand was the perspective I needed. And even the birds seemed to decide to help my heart soar. Just as we were about to pack up after our last walk for a day, a brahminy kite flew up and then hovered right above me. Now if that doesn't help things look up, what will?

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