Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30. Day 274. Going with the flow

Woe is me. The tortured artist forced to endure a whole pile of sh*t for my art. Okay, technically I am not an artist and technically I am not really forced to do anything but the sh*t part is real. This morning I decided to try something different. I love a rapid shutter speed freezing movement in its tracks. It's one of my stock shots but today I decided to go for a long exposure. Yes, I turned to camera button to the great, big, scary M. That means only one thing - a tripod. Thankfully I have  tripod but it was at home and I wasn't. Plan B. Rest the camera on some other solid structure such as a hand rail. It worked fine except for one small detail - a pile of poo. The only thing worse than stepping in poo is getting it all over your hand. Charming. At least the camera remained poo free and I achieved the water effect I was after.

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