Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 10. Day 254. The show must go on

In it's own way, my line of work is quite seasonal. There's the planning season, the teaching season and, heaven help us, the marking season. But regardless of which stage of the academic calendar we are at, the take home pay at the end of the fortnight is identical. Of course this is not the case if you sell hats, pick grapes or work as a ski-ing instructor. Nor is it the experience of the street performer. Today I met James AKA Stuntman Jim outside the piazza at South Bank. The skies looked threatening and the Australia's Got Talent semi finalist was deciding whether to pack up and go home. He rather thought he would especially because the weather forecast for tomorrow was a whole lot kinder. The dogs and I walked on but when we returned he was just about to start a show. And the rain was just about to start falling with determination. The dogs and I found cover and watched while poor Jim poured more and more fluid on his flaming torches to keep the fires burning through his abridged act. Despite the hideous conditions, Jim lived out the performer's mantra, the show must go on. The sheltering crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative but clearly the cold hard cash deposited in the hat after the show would have been a good deal less than had the sun been shining on Jim's parade. Seems rather unfair if you think about it. But at least he brought a little sunshine into the lives of the damp crowds at South Bank.

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