Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27. Day 271. Children and animals

I could say my life was highly structured, organised and predictable ... but not with a straight face. Others might get more set in their ways as they grow older. Life has taught me to be more flexible (in a mental but not a physical sense obviously. That's getting less flexible by the second). So when I went to bed last night I thought today would be marking interrupted by a media opening of Holey Moley Golf Club. This morning, the cough was back and the golf was cancelled. And then I got a call asking if a spot of child care could be possible. A bundle of boring or  a charm of childhood. No competition. I also know which one the dogs would vote for. Our little visitor had not only as much energy as the fur friends but their love of eating Schmackos was matched only by her love of feeding them. And nothing makes an statement at the cafe or the dog park like dogs dressed like superheros and a girl dressed like a big cat.

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