Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13. Day 257. Duck off

 It's was one of those days when I wanted to tell the world to duck off. I wanted to pull the doona over my head and hide. This is almost certainly a side effect of marking-induced fatigue. It saps me of the will to live but even allowing for that I'm feeling especially down. Introducing Sad Sack Susan. There is just one saving grace: the fur friends. Those balls of fluff have the ability to pull me up at least a bit when I'm down. Their joy for life is infectious as is their insistence of getting out of the house. They know just how to motivate me at least enough to get out of bed and out the door. The little loves decided it would the University of Queensland lakes today which turned out to be a fine choice. As well as my friends the turtles and the eels and the dogs' friends the lizards and the ducks there was a bonus - a family of ducklings. How sweet were they. These fluffy ducks (not the cocktail) were enough to put a bit of a smile on my dial.

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