Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2. Day 246. The thrill of the chase

 My dogs and I share many, many common loves. We love to eat. We love to sleep. We love each other. They have also taught me a thing or two. Dogs know a whole lot about the thrill of the chase. They love to chase balls. They love to chase each other. They love to chase the birds. Catching is either a bonus or a distraction depending on the object or the day. Humans tend to see it as a be all and end all which rather sets you up for failure. Dogs enjoy the process not just the conclusion. I love that about them. Dogs also have a zest for life. They are happy lying around in the sun but there's a desire to get out and get amongst it that is never far from the surface. And dogs have a need for speed, except when they don't. They are pretty good at judging each situation on its merits and acting accordingly. It saves a lot of bother. I love that. I also love that there's not a mean bone in either of m dogs' bodies. They act for all sorts of reasons but spite is not one of those. This makes them the ultimate team player. They care not at all whether they are the mascot, the cleaner of cellar master. Provide snacks and pats an the fur fried of your friend for life. This loyalty you can't buy. It's earned and it's for life

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