Sunday, September 4, 2016

September 4. Day 248. Birthday girl

Back in the old days, a party wasn't a party unless there were either gatecrashers or police responding to noise complaints or possibly both.
But in recent years the parties I've hosted have been much more sedate affairs.
Not today.
Today was THE event of the year where "event" is defined as a super hero themed first birthday for a dog.
I challenge you to find another event of its type to top this.
Anyway, I am fully aware that most people will consider a dog's birthday party to be clear and irrefutible evidence of insanity.
I am also aware that I don't care.
The dogs in my family are people too and we love a party.
And so at 4pm the invited guests arrived.
At 5pm the uninvited guests turned up. First there was a kookaburra who ignored the fact that two dogs and a host of humans were on the back deck and flew in for a feed. He or she stayed for quite a while and cared not when I walked up and took photos. I could have hand fed her if the size of her beak didn't totally freak me out.
Shortly after a butcher bird came even closer perching on the back of my chair.
If that isn't clear endorsement of my skills as a party mumma I don't know what is. Anyway there was dog cake and human cake and champagne and a good time was had by all.

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