Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14. Day 258. Baby love

 You know what it's like when you are watching a horror film?
You need to watch but you can't. There's this thing where you peek between your fingers or watch from behind a cushion in an internal battle between watch and don't watch, or perhaps that's just me.
But it's not just horror films. The truth is drama can be even more difficult probably because it deals with the sort of stuff that inflicts real families far more often than maniacs with machetes. So it was with Offspring, the series finale tonight. The trailers had set it up so the anxiety meter was at crisis point, a setting which seemed not all that unreasonable given that Offspring made the almost unprecedented decision to kill off Patrick at the end of season four. And then there was this bit were the troubled teen Brodie goes into labour. The baby is clearly in distress and isn't breathing when he's born. It's fiction but I wanted to cry ... and then he took a breath. Because that's the thing, the only thing new parents really want and that's a baby who is well. Just hours earlier at South Bank I'd met baby Athena. She's seven weeks old and today was allowed to leave the hospital to experience the great out doors for the first time. For now there's still an oxygen tank in the pram but her parents hope she'll be allowed home in the not too distant future. The little one whose name comes from the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice and, surprisingly, mathematics, was clearly enjoying her first taste of sunshine and even opened he eyes to check out what the dogs were up to. Now if that wouldn't bring a lump to your throat I don't know what would. Her mum says she's like to get Athena a dog but first things first get her safely home and and see how things go. I wish them all health and happiness (and a dog when the time is right).

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