Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 8. Day 252. Get down and dirty

Marking does my head in. It turns my brain into a pool of mush killing all reasonable thought at the time reason is most called for. There is a limit to how much of this a single human can be expected to endure and today my capacity to critique reached overload. Time to down tools and head out for the best de-stress I know, taking the dogs to the beach. Now as everyone in Brisbane knows, Nudgee Beach is not exactly the A game when it comes to pristine sand and sparking blue waters. It is, however, close and good enough if your aim is not to surf but to let the dogs swim. From the second the car pulled into the car park the dogs were like little Energizer bunnies ready to bounce into power mode. They love a bit of off leash action especially if there's an opportunity to get wet and muddy. It was a bit blustery and the tide was in but that didn't stop anyone. I just wished I'd read the memo that declared today Giant Dog Day. Every other pooch on the beach this afternoon could have eaten either of my dogs as a snack. They were all well mannered and playful and Winkle has never been a dog that considers size to be a defining factor. But I always feel a bit intimidated when a giant ball of fluff is hurtling fall ball in my general direction.  Still the only casualty was one favourite ball that was carried out by the tide. It was a small sacrifice to make for an otherwise excellent afternoon.

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