Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 3. Day 247. It will all come out in the wash

 I'm pretty sure that if my dogs knew how to use a phone, they'd have the RSPCA on speed dial ready for the torture they frequently have to endure on a Saturday morning.
Both the dogs hate the hydrobath.
Winkle who has springs for limbs leaps out and has to have a human with the catching mits on positioned at the edge of the bath.
I go home with the very attractive scent of dog wash. Why a supermodel isn't endorsing that one I'll never know.
I swear they resent not only the wash but the removal of that doggy smell they'd worked hard to perfect.
The funny thing is, when we visit the beach they are far more accommodating of the bath. I presume there is a much closer association between the beach and the bath.
If you want to enjoy one you must endure the other.
Also, the post beach bath is always in warm water as is befitting pampered pooches.
Either way there is always a treat ready as a reward.
So they can't complain.
And as they are yet to master the use of the phone telling anyone who might care is also out of the question.

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