Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9. Day 253. The Mayne event

No-one who saw Susan Boyle that first time she opened her mouth on Britain's Got Talent will ever forget that you can't judge a book by its cover. More specifically, you can't judge the talent by the person standing before you on stage. It's a lesson reinforced in a talent quest as part of the ABC Radio Brisbane talent quest this morning. The Spencer Howson outside broadcast at Centenary Theatre invited audience members to compete for tickets to the orchestra. I would have had a go except a talent for sleeping doesn't translate well to the stage. I admire people with talent. I especially admire those able to display that talent before 7am. Not only do you have to have talent but you have to have enough guts to perform it in front of others. And the three competitors showed both talent but a great sense of fun. Good for them. It's all part of the crazy unpredicatable fun that can happen when you take radio out of the studio and into the community.
I do enjoy an outside broadcast. I especially like an outside broadcast in a theatre celebrating the performing arts. There is also a certain symmetry in theatre reviewing in a theatre. It may have meant only four hours sleep but it was totally worth it.

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