Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16. Day 260. Thank You for the Music

 A friend's 14-year-old daughter confessed to me the other day, in a slightly panicked fashion, that she had no idea what post school career she wanted to follow. Relax, I told her. At 14 you're not supposed to know what you want to do when you grow up. Hell, I'm still trying to work that out. Seriously, I said, few 14-year-old have a plan and those who do will probably change it a million times before they have to put it into fruition (and very likely many times after that). And then I thought about the teenager I know most intimately, the young man I refer to as Drama Teen. He was no more than four when he decided he wanted to be on the stage. It's a passion that has never waivered. Not once. Not for a second. My young man has been steadfast in his determination to pursue a theatre career and since the age of five the Fame Theatre Company has been  a large part of that plan. It has served him well but that journey is nearing its conclusion. The theatre's rules mean you can stay for one year after you finish school and that deadline is rapidly approaching. After tonight there will be two more concerts, then tears and then that chapter is closed. It will be a bitter sweet moment. Sweet because it is extraordinary to see just how far he's come in those 14 years but sad because goodbyes always are especially when it involves a group that has been such a large part of your lives for so long. But that's a problem for December. For now it's all sweet. I mean, what mother wouldn't delight in seeing her young man performing an especially camped up Village People medley? And any concert that finishes with a bit of Abba's Thank You For the Music gets a big tick from me.

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