Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday 27. Day 58. The dinosaurs are coming

I often (half) joke that the dark recesses of the back of my fridge should only be approached by people with official Hazmat training. There's prehistoric things in there which would keep paleontologists busy for decades. I don't think I am a lone ranger when it comes to covering things in cling film or putting them in a plastic container and then shoveling them in the back of the fridge and forgetting them for a period of time which can generally only be determined by carbon dating. Plastic film has a known protective quality. That being said, I never expected to see it being wrapped around the middle of a 10 metre dinosaur about to be lifted by crane into place outside the Queensland Museum. But that's what happened this morning. The first of the dinosaurs arrived for what is guaranteed to be a mammoth (pun intended) exhibition at the museum. A little birdie whispered that there might be something big hahappening at the museum so the destination of the morning walk was locked in. After all, who doesn't love a dinosaur? They have just the right mix of terrifying and fascinating to be compelling to people off all ages and modern animatronics allow them to be brought to life in a way no app or iPad can. This, kids,  is where reality is soooo much better than virtual reality. And if this Brachiosaurus is anything to go by I can't wait until the other inhabitants of Jurassic Park start migrating to the museum. Just one dinosaur had heads turning this morning. Just imagine what an impact a whole herd will have.

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