Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3. Day 34. Bold and beautiful

 One of the things I learned very early when I moved in to my current home it that you did not visit my neighbour Margaret between 4.30 and 5pm. It is also pointless to call because the phone is off the hook. This is Bold time. Margaret delights in the exploits of Ridge and Brooke and Donna and Taylor. She also likes to give me recaps even though at no time since the show first aired in 1987 have I ever watched The Bold and the Beautiful. Bold is Margaret's not very secret pleasure. Bold is also one of the words she most often uses to describe my fur friend Rumple. She tickles his tummy and giggles like a girl and says "Oh, you're just bold you are". It is probably not all that surprising, therefore, that the only visitor allowed to breach the 4.30pm lockout is Rumple. He squeezes between the bars of the security door, charges through the lounge and jumps on her lap. Today she seemed particularly unconcerned at the intrusion on her Bold viewing. Margaret adores Rumple any time but is especially pleased to inspect his latest haircut. I think she may even have missed some of the most awesome dialogue on Bold to comment on how the blue bows suited him. (I'm led to believe by others who do watch Bold that you can miss decades of Bold and still keep up but I digress). In the end to Margaret, Rumple is Bold but also beautiful. I don't need to know who Ridge is to agree with her on that.

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