Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24. Day 24. Spreading their wings

I do not speak avian and yet I am pretty sure I know exactly what papa bush stone curlew had to say to Rumple and me this morning at South Bank. It was pretty much "back off or you'll have me to deal with". The Curlew family was crossing the road near the car park entrance when the fur friend and I emerged for a walk. They were as cute as and so I decided to take out the camera. I didn't have signed consent form and Mr Curlew was not happy and came charging at me wings all wide and about as threatening as a bird can get without dive bombing. I totally get it. While Rumple and I are lovers not haters to a feathered friend we would have looked large and threatening. Frankly I admire his bravery. Like any parent, there's a special inner strength and courage that comes when your family is under threat. Good sense would dictate not taking on a large human but defending your family has  nothing to do with good sense. It's just one of those cases where you do what you have to do and to hell with the possible consequences.

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