Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23. Day 54. A view to suit

 There are many reasons for people to find themselves at the top of Mount Cooth-tha. Cyclists love the challenge. For me, a game of Sudoku is a challenge,. A ride up Mount Cooth-tha would be a death wish. I have walked up the mountain many a time when training for my trek of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. There have also been frequent scenic drives up to the Lookout with visitors from out of town because it has the best vantage point of the city around. I've  also climed the mountain because of appointments with one or other of the TV studios. In addition, I can neither confirm nor deny having been parking up the mountain in a former life. But today was a first. Today I was taking Drama Teen up to meet with a sports reporter who was having a suit wardrobe clean out. The things we do. The boy whose TV idols include Barney "nothing suits me like a suit" Stinson from How I Met Your Mother and Harvey Specter from Suits does love a little formal attire and this was an opportunity too good to miss. He may not look anything like a sports reporter but the cloth fits so win all around. And it has to be said the price tag and the view suits me.

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