Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1. Day 32. Tree hugger

Frangipani trees were as common as mud in the Brisbane suburbs when I was a child - and about as popular. Perhaps it was because familiarity breeds contempt or because they turned to brown wilted muck if you tried to pick the blooms but they weren't going to win any popularity contest. But in recent years, the humble frangipani flower has been elevated to super trendy status and images of yellow and white blooms have become a designer thing. But now, as in the dark days of my youth, one thing has remained a constant. Frangipani trees make excellent trees to sit in and hang off. I remember hanging upside down from one in our back yard for many an hour. There was also almost always a shady and comfortable spot within the tree to just sit and read. I was reminded of Susan and the frangipani this afternoon when my niece Jess quickly scaled a very similar tree at my sister's house. Some things never change. Tree huggers across the generations.


  1. What a gorgeous looking girl and a perfect tree to climb. Clio would be straight up that tree too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  2. I used to be scared of people when I am about 8 so what I would do is climb a tree and with a book and hide there. Though my grandmother can always find me. At least I am up(ish) there. These photos reminded me of that! #countrykids

  3. I used to love climbing trees. Beautiful pictures. My son was told off at cubs for climbing a tree!