Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 8. Day 39. You're being watched

If watching crime shows made you any sort of an expert on solving crimes, not only the Queensland Police but in all likelihood the FBI would be calling on my services for their major cases. But of course watching the same episodes of Law and Order SVU as often as Foxtel replays them really only makes you sad. But while fictional, there is one thing you can take as an absolute truth from these crime shows - you are being watched. Every move is recorded somewhere, you kind of get that but normally you don't see it. But if you happen to look up as you walk by the Mantra at South Bank you may just see the eyes on you. The Mantra has a rather awesome glass-sided pool which overlooks the street from about two storeys up. As a regular in that part of town, I know it's there but it still takes me by surprise when I look up and I see goggled eyes starting back. The way the bodies hang suspended is also rather awesome. What's more I don't think it's such a bad idea to remind yourself that you are being watched. It's not paranoid, you don't need to be a detective, it just is.

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