Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12. Day 43. Life's little challenges

I am just a tinsy tiny bit directionally challenged by which I mean where other people have left and right, I have left and "no, that can't be right". Getting lost is a skill I have taken a lifetime to perfect. But even for me travelling from Highgate Hill to Albion via Aratula is a little bit extreme. What can I say? It was only a 200 kilometre detour. But then when you drive Mum's taxi these things happen. Drama Teen had spent the day at the school's camp ground mentoring the Year 7 students. The mini bus home wasn't due back in Brisbane until 8pm but drama classes start at 5 so the only option was to hail mum's taxi. If only one was able to charge by time or kilometre. Still, I know how important both the peer mentor program and drama are so what's a girl to do? And I got to spend a little time by Lake Moogerah and when I got there the afternoon shower had just cleared to reveal a beautiful sky. Sure I'm definitely more a sea change than a tree change person but this made a pleasant change.

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