Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17. Day 48. Surprise

People are inherently fascinating and often just a bit weird which is what makes them interesting.
I know that one should always expect the unexpected but just the same some days it sneaks up on a girl and takes her by surprise. Today that happened not once but twice.
First time was at the piazza at South Bank where I couldn't help but notice that a very large group of people had gathered and all were wearing large animal tails and many had suitcases. Naturally a girl couldn't walk by that without asking. Dan, who was wearing a wolf's tail, explained that every Tuesday a group gathers and about 6pm fully kit themselves out in animal outfits, have a barbecue and then run around the place. It's a great way to let off some steam, he explained. Fair enough. So I asked how long this had been going on. Dan wasn't sure but told me "CBFM has existed longer than I've been involved." CBFM? Some sort of a radio station? I hazarded. Nope. Central Brisbane Fur Meet.Yep, that's an actual group. Don't you just love that? Still enchanted I met Anthony who was dressed as a character he had named Elysium after a shop he's seen while driving on the Gold Coast. Like I said, people are inherently fascinating. Just when I thought I'd had my share of unusual for one day there was one further surprise. Back where I'd parked the car there was one more little thing. a group of gents trying their hands at riding a penny farthing. As you do.

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