Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15. Day 46. Defying Gravity

God I'm glad I live close to South Bank. Like really glad. Like really, really glad. I mean it is an awesome place and people come from throughout the greater Brisbane area to frolic on its man-made city beach, or picnic on the lawns or watch the wildlife (human, feathered and reptilian). There are awesome restaurants, the Wheel, a museum and not one but two world class art galleries. All of these are totally legitimate reasons to want to live where I live. But here's another one. I ALWAYS seem to be running late. It's an art form that defies all logic and reason but living where I do has allowed me to be seated ready for the curtain to open on many a show at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex despite leaving home at later than what would normally be considered the last minute. But even by my own standards, today was a "special" effort. I was convinced Wicked - my all-time favourite musical - started at 5pm. Just before 3pm I checked the tickets and my heart skipped a beat. It started at 3pm. I threw on clothes and was out the door before I could think "a shower and make-up might be a good idea on opening night". I missed the opening song but was ushered in with a very large number of other late comers after the lockout period. Fortunately this was my sixth time seeing the stage musical so while I missed a bit I was back with the program by the time my bum hit the seat. By the time the signature song Defying Gravity was belted out I was soaring and it would take more than the memory of my complete inability to be on time to bring me back down to earth. And because it did start at 3pm not 5, there was still time to enjoy the parklands after the show. As they say, better late than never.

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