Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16. Day 47. Let me tell you a secret

It used to be said that every family had a skeleton in the cupboard. I don't think that is true any more. These days we'd throw open the wardrobe, take a photo of Mr Bones and post a picture to our social media site of choice with the notation "Look what our family has locked up". Seriously, information doesn't get passed along by Chinese Whispers it gets broadcast to 1000 or so of our closest Facebook "friends" who can chose to comment or like as they see fit. Seriously the concept of privacy is dead, killed by each and every one of us who chooses to post almost every waking hour on line. And in case anyone thinks I'm getting all judgy on this, I was known as Radio Hetherington because of my habit of broadcasting information before PCs even existed and long before anyone had heard of social media. Yeah, a woman before my time. I might just post something about that.


  1. Well, I started off following you in 2012, with the intent of going the 365 days!
    What the...! Didn't make and what? it's now 3 years later? Shows how slack I am unlike you Susan 'Radio' Hetherington! :-)

  2. Lovely one as always susan, you capture things so perfectly