Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 11. Day 42. It's an ill wind

Man we tell kids a lot of little white lies to "encourage" better behaviour. I'm pretty sure there is no evidence that eating crusts will make your hair curly. I now know there is no pee detecting chemical in any pool. The country is not full of city dogs having pleasant vacations. You will not go blind if you don't stop "it".  And finally no wind change ever caused anyone to spend the rest of their lives stuck with the really ugly face they pulled. I clearly remember being told that last one and I also remember not ever believing it, well  not really. But there's always this element of doubt that makes you fear meteorological changes. After all, there are some pretty ugly people out there and something has to be going on. I also started to wonder if it might be true when on the beach today. There was a swirling wind that kept my hair in my face for most of my morning walk but something else was going on. The wind shift seemingly caused Rumple to be left with his tongue almost permanently sticking out of his mouth. It's not a good look but when your a dog, I guess that's a hell of a lot better than that business of being sent to live with a relative in the country ...


  1. He's awesome, love the detail on this set of photos.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. LOVE these photos, he is adorable xx