Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13. Day 44. For crying out loud

Oliver receives his senior badge

 I cry at the drop of a hat. Actually, the fact that there's a hat out there that could potentially be dropped is likely to have me tear up. My husband Charles is much more stiff-upper-lip British. So when he says a ceremony was emotional that made the eyes a little moist, you can be more certain it was. The 2015 cohort was officially sworn in as senior school leaders today in a beautifully put together induction ritual. There was the formal part in the school auditorium followed by a ritual war chant on the oval. Both were beautifully moving in their own way. But what I found especially touching was the ways the boys interacted with each other after the formalities were over. The sense of comradery and school spirit was enough to move me to tears - again.

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