Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10. Day 41. Energy to burn

Teenage males, as anyone who has ever owned one will tell you, have the capacity to eat you out of house and home (mine doesn't but it is the exception that makes the rule). But with my niece Scarlett and her boyfriend Alex on an overnight stay at the beach I got to see it first hand. Yesterday we did lunch at this most awesome little Japanese place at Peregian. Alex chose a pork belly dish which looked like a big fat bowl of awesome. Like bacon only more fatty. So at Alex's suggestion we went back today. Now here's the thing, we all hesitated over the regular or large bowl and each settled on large. It was large. But this was not a challenge likely to defeat us so we conquered and then sat there feeling happily full. All except Alex who went and ordered another bowl of the same and ate that too. All of it. With extra Japanese mayonnaise for good measure. And look at him. Not an ounce of fat on the boy. That's so unfair. But then I might be able to get away with it too if I was charging up the dunes chasing the dog, or piggy backing my sweetheart or jumping the waves. And when I settled for an afternoon nap, Scarlett and Alex were heading off for a game of lacrosse, as you do. I guess the boy's just got energy to burn. Just watching it makes me tired.

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  1. I know all about teen boys and what they can eat! Lovely photos of beachside fun, those waves look wonderful too, it does make me long for summer again here now. thank you for sharing on Country Kids