Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20. Day 110. Having a ball

We've invented a game which Theatre Boy and I like to call Spot the Gardening Clothes (mainly because it involves spotting gardening clothes). Pay attention and you should be able to pick up the rules. You go to a major arts event - opening night at the theatre, opera or orchestra -and spot the person or persons who most look like he or she has just come in from doing a spot of weeding. You must then adopt an attitude of righteous indignation combined with just a little pity. Someone should appoint me fashion police. Not for a moment would I pretend to have a sense of style but I would like to police a minimum standard or attire for special occasions.
Seriously, dressing up is a big part of what makes a special event special. You can wear gardening clothes every day.
I wonder where that sense of "ho hum" originates from when it comes frocking up. Think of the school formal. Months of careful planning and research goes into finding the perfect outfit. Okay you wouldn't want to repeat that too often but surely all that excitement can't evaporate into the atmosphere. I got to see first hand the excitement of occasion dressing today when I was invited (yes invited) by my niece Scarlett to take photos of her and her friends getting ready for the school ball.
Would I like to? Try to stop me. I get to chance to see all those pretty young things getting ready for such a milestone event. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Plus the fact that I was invited means I am not totally embarrassing and allowed out in public.
Apparently I am more acceptable than gardening clothes at opening night at the theatre. Yay me!
Above we have Rachel (in red) and Jack
Scarlett (in white) and Alex
 and Jade (in charcoal) and Nick
For more Ball photos, check this out 

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  1. Susan thank you so much for the beautiful photos.
    I didn't realise that our gorgeous girls were going to be the stars of your blog. We so enjoyed the whole event, especially as we were allowed to go to the Ball too!
    Thanks again, Claire :) Rachel's mum