Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4. Day 94. I see you

I spent the afternoon hiding in my own home darting around avoiding windows, slinking in the shadows. Pretending not to be home. If you didn't know better, it may have looked like I was expecting an unwelcome visit from the police or the bailiffs. Nope. Worse than that. I was hiding from the mowing man who has shown himself to be a little more hands on than I would like.
It is insane how hard it was to find a mowing man. Our lawn is about the size of a postage stamp. I could probably cut the lawn with a pair of scissors in half an hour if I was so inclined - but I am not. At all. Which is why I pay someone. But no-one wanted to take on the job. And then I found someone. He was great. Also did light repair jobs and could change the ridiculously  high spotlights in our roof. Showed a bit if initiative too. He would let me know if the plants needed more potting mix or if he thought the trees could do with pruning. So this one time he trimmed the bushes and sent me a text to let me know. I replied asking what I owed him. "Nuffing," he said. Just after midnight a second text arrived "You owe me a kiss". Sorry, I pay in Australian dollars only.
I assume he thought that if my husband wasn't up to mowing lawns or changing light bulbs, perhaps he needed help in other areas. Eeewww. I week later I was standing at traffic lights at West End waiting to cross when an arm slinked its way around my shoulder. Double Eeewww.
So now I leave money in a secret place when he's due to cut the lawn and I either go out or pretend I do keeping away from the prying eyes.
Today as he walked through the back gate, I went out the front and down to West End where I took this photo. Seemed to sum up today.

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  1. You perpetuate your own prison.