Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18. Day 108. Worth the risk

Bananas should be banned. No really, they are unacceptably dangerous.
We've all seen the evidence. Cartoon character after cartoon character taking a slide on a banana peel foolishly left lying around. Frankly I am surprised occupational health and safety experts aren't calling for the great banana ban. (Fortunately for everyone living in my area, some safety conscious soul decided to hang this banana peel high and dry in the branches on a tree out of harm's way).
Okay I admit the whole occupational health and safety thing drives me slightly nuts. There's a BANANA principle at play:  Begin Absolutely Nothing Anyway Near Anything. Warning. Warning. That might be dangerous. At a recent work function, we were issued with OH&S guidelines which included warnings that sounded like they belonged in kindy. Things like knives are sharp. Don't run with scissors. If the noise from speakers is loud, move away.
And I was recently chastised for not warning a staff member that carrying lots of heavy magazines in a bag over one shoulder was a bad idea. My argument that I rather figured an adult might be able to work that out for him or herself was met with horror from the OH&S gurus. Apparently we need policies and regulations rather than applying common sense (which is unfortunately not so common).
The things is that we have become so risk adverse as a society. Everything is bubble wrapped, sanitised and bland. And when you take away all risk you remove very genuine opportunity for innovation (and fun).
So ban bananas. We don't want a repeat of the scenario played out in the song
"Here comes the bride
Fair fat and wide
Slipped on a banana skin
and went for a slide"
That type of risky business must be avoided at all costs.

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