Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30. Day 120. Build up of fluids

Warning. There is a case of Man Flu in my abode. It's not quite "Bring Out Your Dead" but the sufferer would have us believe it is a close thing. From his death, sick Man Flu bed, the teen insists he is drowning in body fluids. The symptoms to an outsider (ie not a male) appear suspiciously like a cold. No-one is doubting that a cold makes a person feel miserable, really miserable. But colds are an affliction suffered only by women. Men skip that level and move straight to the vastly more serious condition the Man Flu.
My job is to provide compassion, cold and flu tablets and fluids. Chicken soup optional. Yes I am on tea and sympathy duty.
So the compassionate me will spare you of images of piles of tissues. In order to protect patient confidentiality you instead get an impression that represents what is going on. This is part of a water feature at South Bank with a whole lot of "stuff" being coughed up. Welcome to my nightmare.

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