Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8. Day 98. Riding high

I need to make it clear that I never rode a bike like this, not even close, mainly because that would require a level of skill way, way out of my league.
While I'm a huge adrenalin junkie most of the things I am drawn to really just involve falling - abseiling, bungee jumping, tandem parachuting - all you have to do is close your eyes and fall from a great height. There's nothing to it (except convincing yourself that really isn't as dangerous and stupid as it looks)
Falling I can do. In fact I still have the scars on my knees to prove that falling - especially off a bike or scooter - was something I was very good at.
As one scab almost healed there would be yet another fall and yet another wound to take its place.
You'd just get up, dust yourself off a bit and then get back on the bike.
That's pretty much what I saw at the skate park today where quite a crowd had gathered to enjoy a sunny school holiday Monday.
Showing off his quite amazing skills at the Table Top Air is 17-year-old Jacob who assured me that really this manoeuvre didn't need that much practice at all. I'll just have to take his word for it. That one, I have no desire to try. It looks a lot more complicated than advanced falling.
Boys and girls and teens of both genders were riding high at the skate park this afternoon and when the spills inevitably came, the kids would get up, check everything was in working order and then line up to do it all again. Oh to be young and fearless.
Having a go was as important as getting it right, practice make perfect and all that and if you have a few thrills and spills on the way so be it. The scabs, I can assure them, heal eventually until then you might as well go along for the ride.


  1. haha I love how at 17 everything is so simple, if I even had the guts to attempt this, I'd probably never get back up off the ground! Another fantastic action shot Susan

  2. Oh my goodness Susan, that is seriously high, you wouldn't think a 17 year old boy would be light enough to send a bike that high in the air! I have watched kids do that here and they are inches off the track. This is a wonderful capture!

  3. ooooh thats so high. i remember when this was all the rage and was on TV a lot more when i was a child i was always amazed how high these lads can go in the air with their bikes. i couldn't do it
    great action shot x

  4. oh wow, im so impressed by that and wish i could do something like that!

  5. I'll be honest, I never know how the bikes don't fall out of their grasp when they do these moves. Fabulous action shot.

    Nipping over from Country Kids linky.

  6. Teenagers are nuts, but in a way it's good they've got the daredevil attitude to give things a good. Great picture too.

  7. Wow what a fantastic shot, that is seriously high! Popping over from Country Kids :)

  8. wow this is a fantastic shot.. like you I think falling is my skill I can never really udnerstand how these teenagers jump their bikes like that!