Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15. Day 105. Hotting up

Children have
a) No sense
b) No fear
c) No internal thermometers
d) All of the above
The answer is, of course, D. But they also have an incredible sense of fun and enough energy to make old folk like me feel tired just looking at them.
Today my delightful niece and nephew Jessie and Connor, in town from Sydney, called round to see the puppy. And then they saw the pool .
Naturally they had to put their feet in and then their legs and finally, despite repeatedly telling us the water was freezing, in they went. It was only ever a matter of time and the fact that they had no swimwear with them was not a deterrent. They squealed a lot about how cold it was but they weren't about to let that small matter drive them out.
Just as well they are both strong swimmers because I was not about to go in after them. The older I get, the bigger sook I become.
Sometimes being a spectator is just fine (and a hell of a lot warmer)


  1. I so look forward to seeing your action shots on country kids and this one certainly doesn't disappoint :) I could dive straight into that gorgeous pool!

  2. Tee hee - it's so true. They don't care how cold it is - if it looks fun, they're in!

  3. Mine were in the river in mid winter here so I couldn't agree with you more, they go with the moment not the weather! Now this looks like proper walking on water! Lovely capture.

  4. Wow I love this photo, reminds me of my childhood in South Africa, as soon as it was warm enough I would be in the pool, even if the pool was freezing. Stopping by from the linky

    Laura x

  5. I love how kids just don't care!! Great photo! Xxx